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The profile we are looking for:
Full-time backend software engineer
3-5 years of experience
Laravel PHP Framework, Apiato
Strong experience in PHP Unit testing
Strong knowledge of PHP Design Patterns
Docker, Continuous deployment process
Experience with software architecture -- modelling software before it goes into the coding phase
Strong experience in interacting with MySQL database systems through abstraction layer (in addition to the ability to write raw SQL queries)
Experience in code optimization and refactoring
Knowledge of MongoDB
Proficient in using Git Version Control
Strong knowledge of:

- OO principles

- Functional paradigm

- Functional reactive paradigm

- Software design patterns

Strong knowledge of underlying systems, protocols, and web platforms (Http protocol, OAuth/OAuth2, JWT, ...)

- Degree in CS university studies or equivalent/related fields

- Experience with any testing framework (Jasmine, Jest, Karma, Mocha ...)

- Firebase

What we offer:
Fast-paced growing startup
Only in-house projects
Dedication and focus (you will not be exposed to multitasking, instead, you will mostly work on one, up to two projects during one week)
Chance to learn new stuff every now and then
Ability to explore new tools, programming languages, new ways to solve old problems
These are the skills you need to be great at this job and will be evaluated on:
Strong problem-solving and analytical skills
Attention to details
Patience to solve problems the right way
Desire to learn
Rigorous understanding and appreciation of coding best practices
Accountability and dependability
This is what we value:
Open, direct, and clear communication
Sharing - knowledge, enthusiasm, dilemmas, ideas
Curiosity and initiative
We value and are proud of our product and its mission and our people making it grow
If you find us inspiring or know someone who would be a good fit, feel free to contact us at