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VOZZi road assistance

If your car breaks down, tow service or roadside assistance can be really expensive.

Get a VOZZi road assistance package on time and cut your costs

Be prepared if your car breaks down

No matter what happens to you on the road, we can help you continue your journey.
Only one click in VOZZi app and your help is there. When you ask for assistance, the app finds the nearest partner available to help you.
You get the information about his name, phone number in case you need to contact him and waiting time until he gets to you. It´s as simple as that!

The benefits of VOZZi road assistance package

The package is connected to the person, not the car

It means that you are safe in any car, as a driver or a passenger, if you have a phone with active VOZZi package.

Tow service from abroad without additional costs

EU VOZZi packages include tow service to your home address with the transport of all the passengers.

Time for package activation is only 24 hours

Road assistance package services can be used 24 hours from activation. It´s not too late to get the package right before the trip.

Tow service

Available 24/7

With the VOZZi app, when you need help, you will be connected with nearest available partner. VOZZi locates the partner nearest to you that can arrive shortly. So wherever you have stopped your reliable partners are there to help you. You satisfaction with our service and your safety are our biggest priority.

Unique price list of services

The price list of services is unique on the territory of the Republic of Serbia, for tow services and repairs. You don´t have to worry how much the service will cost, everything is written on the screen of your mobile phone. If it happens that you don´t have any cash, you can pay for the service by card on the app. Even better, you can buy one of the VOZZi road assistance packages on time and then you really don´t have to worry about anything.

How to ask for help?

If you need road assistance, start the VOZZi app and in road assistance tab click choose service button. When you choose the type of service it will show a unique service price list on the territory of the Republic of Serbia. The system locates you and informs the nearest reliable professional and you get the information about him, expected time of arrival to your location, as well as the possibility to call him if necessary. See the detailed instruction here. It can be really stressful when something unexpected happens and our goal is to bring that stress level to the minimun.With VOZZi there is no need to call different unknown repairmen and worry about what kind of service they will provide,there is no need to explain where your location is, especially if you are at an unknown territory. There is a price in front of you and the cost of everything. On the screen you can trace our partner´s arrival to your location. You are already feeling relieved, right?


What problems can VOZZi help you with?

  • Flat tire ( change or repair)
  • Empty battery (jump start)
  • No gas
  • Tow service

VOZZi does all the stressful work for you

When your car breaks down and you need to be somewhere it can get really stressful and the last thing you need at that moment is to waste precious time on finding available and reliable repairmen nearby. That´s where VOZZi comes in. The app does the work for you so that you can focus on your safety and reach your destination as soon as possible. Besides finding your nearest repairmen we also choose the available ones who can help you solve the problem.

VOZZi app is free

You can download the app for free for Android as well as for iOS devices on Google Play, App Store and Huawei AppGallery. You can´t choose when and where you will need road assistance but what you can choose is VOZZi road assistance. With VOZZi app on your phone you can have a quick,easy,reliable and accessible solution to your problems.

Roadside assistance for motorcycles

For your complete driving pleasure, rely on VOZZi roadside support

All motorcycle enthusiasts who also own a car, now have the option to add a MOTO add-on to any VOZZi roadside assistance package that will allow them to request roadside assistance for their motorcycle when needed.

Towing a motorcycle is not a service identical to towing a car and requires equipment and knowledge to ensure the safe transport of two-wheelers. The VOZZi team works hard to equip its partners with specialized equipment, such as forks, spanners and transport belts, so that everything stays in place and you have no worries about transporting your pet.

VOZZi recognized motorcyclists as serious customers. Also, motorcyclists recognized VOZZi as the best help on the road. To enjoy two-wheeler driving, you need a true friend on the road.

What you wanted to know

How does the app work?

Watch the video instructions
How to register in the app?
What to do in case of an accident?
Package purchase within the app (card)?
Package purchase within the app (payment slip)

Where can you buy the packages?

VOZZi road assistance packages can be bought in VOZZi app or a web shop, but also at sale points of our partners. Find your nearest location.

Our support team is here for you

We are here to help you and answer all your questions. We look forward to your every call.

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