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Innovation, Connection, Premium service


VOZZi’s purpose is to reinvent how customers connect to automotive services.


We innovate in highly fragmented automotive services, combining them into a single platform globally.

We have started bottom-up in road assistance services, once the breakdown of the car is there. Our unique platform connects customers and road assistance towing as core business without local restrictions or borders.

By adding additional layers of connections with car mechanics, tire services, hotels, motels, rent-a-car, taxis, we offer additional comfort for customers.

By integrating all automotive services into a single platform, we are aiming to reverse offer and provide frictionless service scheduling, maintenance with concierge services, covering the range from the first car service to a breakdown.

    For customers, we create accessible, understandable, actionable demand for automotive services, making them “invisible”.
    For our partners we want to provide the best in the class unique end-to-end platform for communication with customers, enabling them to focus on their job, adding digital in their business by removing old habits.
    For our employees we push limits on reversing and challenging old business models in the automotive industry, creating a disruptive environment and talent hub.
    To society, we give back and organize the most precious asset, time. Reducing time spent for maintenance, scheduling, driving back and forward, hustling with different appointments, we aim to provide concierge services and save time that can be spent better with family and friends.


We are focused on delivering a single platform in automotive services removing complexity, powering digital transformation for our partners and customers the way they connect.

Partners require a complex combination of brick and mortar combined with automotive technology and specific maintenance processes. With spare parts supply chain, inventory, training of people on one side, and customers on the other side who expect simplification and solution without losing their time and nerves in overcrowded and highly segmented, we aim for continuous improvement daily, removing frictions.


  1. Provide premium service
  2. Re-invent car services and maintenance and put them into “invisible” mode for customers
  3. Not everyone needs to be a car mechanic
Company Values
Start with yourself
We all share similar difficulties within our daily lives. The most important thing when we think, act, and do in solving those problems for our customers is to re-imagine ourselves in their shoes.
Re-invent and repeat again
Each problem which we think is made of many small problems. Go deep on small problems, re-invent the order and sort them in a way we all already know. Question and repeat.
Ego out of the door
We leave our ego in front of doors and focus on solutions. Be curious, open-minded, and look for ideas everywhere.
Hire better than you
We are not good at everything, but some are better than we are. Support, coach, and give better inputs and career choices to other ones. Seek for hidden talent in people around you.
Don’t lift walls
Learn to listen, get feedback, learn from it, accept good and bad and get back into the problem. Do not lift a wall around you whether it is emotional, business, or private.
Share knowledge
Use every day to learn something, once new people are around you, go back and remember your first day. Share the knowledge, teach. Repeating is making all of us better.
Think more with less
Act with limited resources, think about how to utilize, speed up and organize more with less.
Act on inputs, deliver outputs, repeat, and re-invent. Insist on quality, learn from failures, repeat, and start over.

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