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Free MOTO addition with all VOZZi packages
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Road assistance

VOZZi mobile platform
Helps you find, use and pay for road assistance service.
Your car broke down? Install VOZZi

The benefits

Road assistance anywhere

No matter if you are in the country or abroad, in the mountains or city rush, VOZZi is there to help.

No need to explain where you are

The app automatically locates the user when he asks for help. There is no stress with trying to explain your current location.

You are completely in control!

The app locates the nearest repairman. You can trace his position, check the arrival time, and contact him.

Tow service or roadside assistance? Whatever you might need.

My car has stopped in the middle of the road. What can I do?
Just start the VOZZi app and help will be there. The nearest repairman will arrive shortly. Yes, it´s that simple!

How to get a package with a discount?

Use the system of recommendation in the app.
Click recommendation banner (enlarged in this view) on the home page
Read about the way the system of recommendation works on the next page, then click "Recommend VOZZi app" button to choose the way and a person you want to send the recommendation to.
When your recommended friend registers with the app, you get 5% discount. This way, you can come to 40% discount.
Note: You get a discount for buying a road assistance package from the app and not for complements and additions to standard packages.

VOZZi app user experiences

How do our users describe their experience with using VOZZi?
Ivan i Branka

Života Nešković

Tihomir Milenković

How does the app work?

Watch the video instructions
How to register in the app?
What to do in case of an accident?
Package purchase within the app (card)?
Package purchase within the app (payment slip)

Where can you buy the packages?

VOZZi road assistance packages can be bought in VOZZi app or a web shop, but also at sale points of our partners. Find your nearest location.

Contact VOZZi

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